GDPR and DPO AppSec implications


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a major EU Regulation which will affect every company that does business with the EU, which is just about every major company worldwide.

This Working Session will discuss some aspects of GDPR, including the role of the DPO (Data Protection Officer), the wider definition of PII data (like IP Addresses), and the need to report breaches and incidents within a short time period.


Questions/topics to consider:

  • What are the AppSec implications of this regulation?
  • Can it be used to improve existing Application Security practices and activities?
  • What are the real requirements for the DPO and what should he/she focus on?
  • How to become an DPO (and how to hire one)
  • The role of SOC in detecting and reporting security incidents


  • AppSec professionals
  • DPOs (and DPOs Service providers)
  • CISOs
  • Heads of InfoSec

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