GitHub Organization Reboot

The OWASP GitHub organization hosts some of the foundation’s greatest projects. Unfortunately, there is a lot of rubble obstructing access to them. GitHub has become a kind of de-facto standard for OSS projects, and using this platform and associated ecosystem of SaaS to its full potential could make a big difference when it comes to gaining new contributors.

This Working Session will explore how OWASP can gain maximum benefit from its use of GitHub.


  • What makes GitHub so special among its peers?
  • How are other successful OSS organizations using GitHub?
  • How can OWASP use GitHub more to its benefit?
  • How high should the quality bar for OWASP org repositories be in the future?
  • What are best practices and user expectations for OSS these days?
  • How can we prevent new erosion after a “tabula rasa” cleanup or “reboot”?

Potential outcomes

  • GitHub repository owner guidelines
  • GitHub org admin guidelines
  • Addendum to the Project Leader Handbook specific for Code and Tool projects
  • Extended/New quality checklist for Code and Tool projects
  • Templates (e.g., LICENSE, etc.) for a repo under OWASP org
  • Instructions for 3rd party QA/CI tool setup (e.g. Travis-CI, Code Climate etc.)


The target audience for this Working Session is:

  • Project leaders of OWASP Code or Tool projects
  • Contributors to OWASP Code or Tool projects
  • Software engineers/craftsmen
  • GitHub power users

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