OWASP - SSL advanced forensic tool is an easy to use tool to check various SSL/TLS related configurations, behaviours and vulnerabilities. It’s a standalone tool and can be used in closed and very restricted environments.


Currently the tool is developed and maintained by a very small team. There is just enough time to keep the check up-to-date, accommodating new vulnerabilities, behaviours, etc.

The Working Session will focus on the internal redesign and some improvements the tool needs to bring full power to its users.


  • Improve checking of certificates
  • Implement state-of-the-art checking of OCSP
  • Improve checking of DH parameters and EC parameters
  • Write post processors for formatting the output; a lot of code is already there, it needs to be extracted in new tools
  • Implement fuzzing features using TLS-attacker
  • Build a test suite, run automated tests
  • Build a sophisticated knowledge database with search capabilities (probably using Python NLTK)
  • Is there a need for a GTK-based GUI (i.e. using YAD)?


The target audience for this Working Session is:

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