Owasp Chapter Treasury

This Working Session will focus on financial tasks, accountability, and transparency in OWASP. Local OWASP chapters deal with a lot of money, and chapters must justify outcomes and chapter fund balances in a legal, fiscal, and ethical manner.


  • How to get oversight of chapter incomes and expenditure?
  • Compliance: Which general legal standards and regulations should we consider?
  • Are local chapter members accountable?
  • Who is controlling expenses, how do we ensure adherence to the dual-control-principle?
  • What physical assets can a chapter buy? Who is monitoring those assets and where are they kept?
  • Should we publish local chapter incomes and expenditure?

Potential outcomes

  • Clarifying responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Set of rules: what should be and what must be recorded? How?
  • One-page cheat sheet for chapter treasurers
  • All outcomes may serve as proposals for discussion with foundation


The target audience for this Working Session is:

  • Anyone who is or may be responsible for chapter funds
  • Members of foundation dealing with funding and/or financial matters

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