OwaspSAMM (Track)

Working Sessions related to the Owasp SAMM Project

Organizer(s): Sebastien Deleersnyder
Participants(s): Dinis Cruz , Mateo Martinez , Brian Glas , Avi Douglen , Yan Kravchenko

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We organise several OWASP SAMM Working-Sessions as part of the OWASP summit.

The SAMM Summit is not a regular conference with speaking slots, but a summit where the participants work together in a 5-day sprint on SAMMv2. If you are interested to contribute to this, you are most welcome (knowledge of SAMM or other secure development methodology experience is a prerequisite).

This is an excellent opportunity to influence the direction of SAMM and exchange experiences with your peers.


Main objectives for the 2017 SAMM Summit are:

  1. Draft SAMM2, the “DevOps release”
  2. Assure SAMM leverages other OWASP projects as part of the SAMM practices


Previous SAMM summits:

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