Threat Model (Track)

Working Sessions related to Threat Modeling Security

Organizer(s): Tony UV , Steven Wierckx
Participants(s): Robert Hurlbut , Stephen de Vries , Adam Shostack , Marco Morana , Sebastien Deleersnyder , Francois Raynaud , Marc Rimbau , Dinis Cruz , Robert Morschel , Avi Douglen , Irene Michlin , Geoff Hill

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Work on multiple Threat Modeling topics and improve existing materials.

Key goals for the week are the following:

  • Pain of manual processes and how to optimise them
  • Linking threat models and sub-threat models together
  • Creating threat model templates for security patterns
  • Define a taxonomy of terms (to be sent out prior to summit as RFC)
  • Better threat model diffing
  • Integration into DevOps
  • Use of output by downstream systems… development, test, deployment, etc
  • Making the infrastructure and system (as opposed to just software) threat modeling more mature
  • Unified input and output in a sSDL
  • Simplifying threat modeling for business environments
  • Scaling threat models throughout an organization (central storage, versioning control, etc)
  • Automating threat models

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