Reverse Engineering APK's with Bytecodeviewer

Category: Mobile Penetration Testing (Android)


Because Bytecodeviewer is one, if not the best open source tools to reverse engineering APK’s. The following workshop is the result of a 5 month research into Pen testing mobile APK’s


  • New to pentesting mobile android apps? Welcome
  • New to Bytecodeviewer? Welcome!


12, 13 June - 2017

This workshop will provide attendees knowledge on:

  • The process of pen testing Mobile Android applications vs Web Apps
  • The challenges of Pentesting Mobile Android apps
  • The role of reverse engineering in pentesting Mobile Apps
  • Tools available (Dex2jar, APKTool, Android SDK tools…)
  • Rooting your phone
  • Installing Xposed Framework
  • Why emulators do not provide the right or limited testing environment
  • Introduction to Bytecodeviewer
  • Reverse Engineering with Bytecodeviewer
  • How to use Xposed Framework
  • Smali code and signing APK’s
  • Analzying with Bytecode and Hacking an app with Xposed
  • Using the Xposed Generator (new feature!)
  • Pre-release Bytecodeviewer 3.0.0. with new features!

Reverse engineering APKS with Bytecodevierwer (Pre-release 3.0.0) features:

  • Xposed class generator from selected decompiled classes
  • Signing APKS after decompilation in Smali
  • Improved search functionality

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