Ante Gulam
8 May

The Best Real-Life InfoSec Problem Solving Event in the World

When you attend numerous conferences throughout your career, both as an attendee or as a speaker you kinda get dragged into this model where most of the events are following this traditional one-to-many model and one starts questioning the actual value of majority of those events. You usually end up with tons of sponsors and their representatives doing sales pitches or people talking about their latest researches without the time or interest from the audience to actually dive deeper into things or discuss real-life problems.

Having a place where you could go and discuss all of your actual issues and challenges was simple luxury and most of the problems for individuals or organisations end up being solved by consultancy firms whether we liked it or not. While discussing the upcoming OWASP Summit with a good friend of mine and while we were coming up with the actual agenda for various tracks what became clear is that we are actually building up exactly that, a place for people to come with their actual problems and us helping them by providing a group of top individuals from the industry that will try to tackle these and come up with some constructive conclusions and possible solutions.

Information and cyber security is specifically interesting case where still, there is this big cloud of secrecy around the whole thing and the amount of disclosure is carefully dosed by the majority of the involved parties which in most of the cases actually stalls innovation within the industry in a way. Being able to contribute and get various industry experts to contribute on an issue that is your actual challenge, in your organisation, right this moment that would then get re-assessed and re-used by lot of others, represents the foundation of building a safer and more scalable tomorrow. It is actually quite reasonable to believe that with OWASP Summit we might be creating an event that might re-shape the way we solve problems within the security space but also a way to re-shape these events in general.