Summit Site

This page contains details about how the site works

jekyll based

The site is a static generated website with no javascript and built using jekyll

This works great because GitHub has native support for jekyll

The site is rebuild within seconds of a Git Push or Merge (into master branch of owasp-summit-2017 repository)

You can also easily run the site locally (good when making large set of changes) using: jekyll serve. This will generate the site into the _site folder (ignored by git) which can be browsed locally at

The easiest way for start your contribution is to for yor own copy of this repository. After cloning your repo locally, use the official docker image to run jekyll, e.g.:

git clone<your username>/owasp-summit-2017 owasp-summit-2017
cd owasp-summit-2017
sudo docker run --rm --label=jekyll --volume=$(pwd):/srv/jekyll:Z -it -p jekyll/builder:pages jekyll serve

You can also help checking for errors using htmlproofer:

sudo docker run --rm --label=jekyll --volume=$(pwd):/srv/jekyll:Z -it -p jekyll/builder:pages htmlproofer ./_site --only-4xx --check-favicon --check-html

After you’re satisfied with your changes, commit your changes and create a new pull request! That’s it!


Google Analytics is enabled. Real time stats are here (if you would like to have access, just ask one of the Summit organization team members)

Help needed!!!

We are currently looking for help in improving the design and content of this site, so if you have some spare cycles, please help out :)

Notes to editors

If you are creating content to be added for this site, here are some notes/tips:

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