Women in Cyber

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Original Working Session content: Women in Cyber


List of suggested priorities, policies, programs, and activities for the OWASP Board and community to consider and implement.

Synopsis and Outcomes


  • Massive underrepresentation of women and lack of diversity generally
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Feeling underqualified
  • Feeling inexperienced
  • Internalised oppression


  • Panel invited speaker – at least one woman
  • Codify blind readings for CFP
  • Help cultivate champions
  • WASPies and other awards
  • Ensure communications are inclusive
  • Discount to company with women


  • Bootcamps
  • Get women into management positions
  • Available training online or low cost. Specific public speaking training, webinars for women in cyber, cyber training
  • Communication/public speaking challenging workplace bullying
  • Spelling out clear business benefits

FOCUS on 3 key areas for the year

  1. Webinars up and running – metrics demonstrating 2. 3.

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