OWASP Game Security Framework

The OWASP Game Security Framework (GSF) represents a modular approach to understanding the security issues that surround video game ecosystems.

In 2016 the videogame market became 99.6 Billion dollar industry… any why shouldn’t it be? Some of the most prolific and complex software developed today are video games. They are professionally played, sponsored, scrutinized, monetized, and celebrated, just like many sports. They handle clients, servers, web components, monetary transfers, social interactions, virtual markets, etc, with every bit the need of security that most internet hosted apps have (if not more in some cases). The GSF is designed to help threat model gaming issues that have devastated new games. Most importantly we hope the GSF can help new developers and security testers alike root out bugs in your favorite titles.

Resources from Owasp.org


The purpose of the session is to get feedback from game security experts as well as gamers who are security experts on the structure of the project, and what could be done to improve it.


This session will be about the various sub-projects in the project, including:

  • Threat Actors
  • Game Attack Surfaces
  • Attacker Goals
  • Defenses
  • Business Impacts
  • and more…


  1. We get each section of the project (sub-projects) to a working state that participants agree are a solid starting point.
  2. We have a committed project leader for each sub-project, and we have next steps for each of these.
  3. We have plan for spreading the word about the project and its sub-projects to the world.
  4. We have an interaction plan for reaching out to other IoT project leaders for cooperation.
  5. We have an outline for one-pagers for the Attack Surfaces and Top Vulnerabilities that can be used as quick-look guidelines for developers.


Whether you’re already in the gaming space doing security, or you’re just a security person who games, or even a security person who doesn’t game, we would love to get your insight into the project and help it along in its evolution.

Working materials

Here are the current ‘work in progress’ materials for this session (please add as much information as possible before the sessions)


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