GSMA IoT Security Guidelines


The constant rise in popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) is bound to create thousands of new services and IoT devices in the next ten years. Considering their sheer number, there is a high chance that some of those services will not be aware of the potential cyber security risks.


The mobile telecommunications industry, which the GSMA represents, has a long history of providing secure products and services, and has recently shared their security expertise with IoT service providers. The result was a set of security guidelines that IoT services and device manufacturers should use prior to starting their development. The GSMA IoT Security Guidelines are intended for:

  • Service providers
  • Device manufacturers
  • Network professionals


This Working Session will publish a summary document containing the design guidelines on how to create a secure product and whether a product adheres to IoT Security Guidelines (see references).


  • Security professionals
  • CISOs
  • Agile practitioners
  • DevSecOps
  • SecDevOps



Working materials

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