Cheat Sheets


OWASP Cheat Sheets are a concise collection of high-value information on various security topics. Created by application security professionals with hands-on experience, OWASP Cheat Sheets provide security guidance in an easy-to-read format.

The purpose of this Working Session is to revise and improve the existing OWASP Cheat Sheets.


  • Bring together Cheat Sheets creators and users
  • Workshop ideas:
    • Working Sessions on improving existing Cheat Sheets, debating finer details of their content, and creating new ones
    • Work on an updated version of the Cheat sheets book (maybe adding it to Leanpub and Amazon)
  • Plan next steps and what should be worked on next (after the Summit)
  • Question: What would be a realistic deliverable for the Summit?


This Working Session will draft and publish a set of revised OWASP Cheat Sheets.


The target audience for this Working Session is:

  • Security professionals
  • Software developers
  • Application architects
  • DBAs/DB experts
  • Web developers

Working materials


The last afternoon session on the 13th June for Cheat Sheets has decided that we need to deliver a number of FAQs and functional requirements to ensure better participation and clarity around the process.

The proposed topics are: • How to create a new one? • How to modify? • How to get consensus for publication? • How to move from draft to final? • What is a valid cheat sheet topic? • When to retire or remove one (currency test)?

Functional requirements: • Last edit date on the Wiki • Last review date on the Wiki • Status label • Clear status label on template • Standardisation of tagging for SEO ranking and searching.

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