ZAP is one of the world’s most popular free security tools and is probably the best known OWASP project after the Top Ten.


This session will allow attendees to:

  • Give direct feedback about existing features
  • Discuss where and how ZAP needs to be improved
  • Learn about how to contribute to ZAP


  • Cheatsheet
  • Top 10 2017 risks examples with ZAP
  • ZAP Free Training Plan


The target audience for this Working Session is:

  • ZAP Users
  • Vulnerable App Leaders
  • Consultants
  • Developers

Working materials

Here are the current ‘work in progress’ materials for this session (please add as much information as possible before the sessions)


ZAP is one of the awesome OWASP Tools. We need to create more material in order to spread the word and to create more cheatsheets and technical material about ZAP.

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