OWASP Chapter Leader Handbook

The joint purpose of the OWASP Chapter Handbook and the OWASP Chapter Leader Handbook is to provide chapter leaders with a central repository of information about starting a chapter, organising a chapter meeting, handling chapter finances, etc.
The Handbook is currently under review, and the updated version is currently in draft form. This Working Session will discuss and agree on any open issues. The session will also consider new issues, particularly those relating to atypical chapters and the different styles of chapter operation.


  • How can we simplify the Handbook(s)?
  • How can we ensure that new chapters, and new chapter leaders, are kept informed of new developments?
  • How do we validate “compliance”?
  • Requirement update process
  • New requirements
  • <List of specific issues to discuss?>


  • Revised draft of OWASP CHapter Handbook
  • Cheat sheets for chapter leaders, new leaders, and new chapters
  • Clarifying responsibilities and accountabilities
  • One-page cheat sheets for:
    • chapter leaders
    • new leaders
    • Creating an OWASP Account
    • Wiki FAQ
    • Scheduling a new event
    • creating a new chapter
    • Reimbursment process
  • All outcomes are not final, and will serve as input for Foundation


The target audience for this Working Session is:

  • Chapter Leaders
  • Anyone who works in chapter management
  • Foundation staff dealing with chapters or community

Working materials

  • Revised draft of OWASP CHapter Handbook
  • Draft cheat sheets for chapter leaders, new leaders, and new chapters
  • Please add as much information as possible before the sessions


There are some aspects to be reviewed like Inactive Chapters, frozen funds, etc.

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