Owasp Student Chapters

This Working Session will discuss Student Chapter needs and their status. Student chapters need support from local chapters and OWASP members. We need to talk about a Student Chapter Leader Handbook.


The Student Chapter community is growing and we need to define a direction and establish a working group. We need to write a clear interaction between local chapters and student chapters. How can be sponsored a student chapter? can use OWASP on the MOVE funds? There is not a handbook for student chapters, we need to create it during the summit.


  • Discuss the future of OWASP Student Chapters
  • Discuss content of Student Chapter Leader Handbook


  • Student Chapter Leader Handbook
  • 2017 - 2018 Objectives and Roadmap
  • A document for Univiersities: “Why you want an OWASP Student Chapter at your University?”
  • A document for students: “Why you may create an OWASP Student Chapter at your University?”


The target audience for this Working Session is:

  • Chapter Leaders
  • Project Leaders
  • Academic Supporters

Working materials

  • Draft Student Chapter Leader Handbook
  • List of student chapters
  • List of Academic Supporter Globally


This workshop objective is to discuss and plan how we want to grow with student chapters and how we will interact with academia an industry. But a clear path need to be defined.

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