SAMM - Outreach and Marketing

Improve the promotion of SAMM


One key area that we need to work on is the outreach and marketing of SAMM. There are numerous benefits for any organization that uses SAMM and there are few alternative options. This Working Session will discuss ways that we can promote the integration and usage of SAMM.


  • Identify efforts to date
  • Identify communication channels
  • Identify potential opportunities
  • Draft a high-level plan


  • High-level plan for promoting and integrating SAMM

Synopsis and Takeaways

  • Need a marketing specialist to construct a model for SAMM to improve market awareness
  • Invite members of the mailing list to create a video showcasing some real world evidence of SAMM in action
  • Need a way to measure downloads of the SAMM model; possible solution is to link to the model from GitHub


The target audience for this Working Session is:

  • Security champions
  • Security architects
  • DevOps Roles
  • CISOs

Working materials

  • Draft high-level plan for promoting and integrating SAMM

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