Cross-Company Hackathons


This Working Session will focus on how the security teams and developers in two or more companies can collaborate to implement hackathons on their own products or websites. A good subject for such a hackathon would be new tools, new products, or new websites that a company has been developing.

A cross-company hackathon is a great way to create and develop a culture of collaboration. Given the fact that there will be many different companies represented at the Summit, with many CISOs, security teams, and developer teams, this session is a great opportunity to create a playbook, or a set of rules of engagement, for how a cross-company hackathon could work.


  • Discuss examples of cross-company hackathons
  • How to make a cross-company hackathon work
  • Organising a cross-company hackathon
  • Identifying the rules of engagement
  • What is the role of private bug bounties systems?
  • Rewards systems
  • Where and how will the hackathon fit within the development lifecycle?


  • Playbook on cross-company hackathons


The target audience for this Working Session is:

  • CISOs
  • Developers
  • Product managers

Working materials

  • Draft playbook on cross-company hackathons
  • Please add as much information as possible before the sessions

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